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Sterilizable Products: Articulated Arms

Fisso holding systems have been developed in close cooperation with the University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland). They are easy to position and can be fixed in place securely and rapidly with a single knob. The central clamping system enables simple and fast positioning while also safely holding breathing circuits, pressure transducers, endoscopes, instruments as well as other medical components and devices. In close cooperation with medical clinicians and engineers from all over the world, coupled with decades of manufacturing experience FISSO strives to improve, optimize, and perfect its already superior design.

Fisso systems are made of the highest quality steel and light alloy components which when coupled with the proprietary FISSO design, results in a product that is dependable, easy to use and which will provide many years of service.

Fisso enhances patient care
Many advantages characterize the high-quality Fisso holding systems:

  • ease of use due to the quick central fixation system
  • exact positioning and safe holding
  • easy to clean and sterilize
  • modular design

Complete information is available in the brochure (PDF)

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