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Novid Surgical – representing superior quality, providing superior service.
Novid Surgical, LLC was established in order to provide high quality products to the domestic US medical market.  We are pleased to be the US Distributor for the Baitella AG FISSO brand of Quick Fixation positioning arm systems for surgical and medical applications, as well as the Reison AB line of surgical table accessories. We will accept nothing less than the finest products from the finest manufacturers for our customers.  These products coupled with friendly, professional customer service result in Novid being a trusted and reliable supplier both now and in the future.

FISSO – Swiss made, world renowned.
The FISSO brand is known the world over for their innovative design of positioning arms and holding systems for both the industrial as well as medical markets.  While there now exist a number of manufacturers that provide products of similar design, none have met the superior quality, innovation, or flexability of the original – FISSO whose well earned reputation has been forged over decades.The ergonomically designed arm system represents the culmination of years of research & development in the art of producing a quick fixation arm system.  From the comfortable central locking knob, three moving joints of the arm can be simultaneously locked resulting in the positive and secure positioning of any device.  Repositioning is just as easy due to the smooth variable tensioning force system which allows for the gradual loosening of the joints and thus simple re-positioning capabilities.Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing of the FISSO line for reliable device functionality for years afterward.  Manufactured and assembled under the highest quality standards in the world guarantee your complete satisfaction.

REISON – Innovative surgical table accessories from Sweden
Reison has a rich and proud history of innovation in the design of surgical tables for the Scandinavian markets.  By extension, they have developed a unique line of surgical table accessories that are renowned for the craftsmanship, durability, and ergonomics.  Form follows function in the Reison line which has been cultivated through exhaustive international research and development.  With over 85% of their total business being comprised of exports, proven world class quality accessories are now available through Novid Surgical.

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