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Sterilizable Products: Radial Clamps

Our all new line of Reison radial rails clamps provide not only fixation of the FISSO arms and surgical table accessories, but also allows for rotation around the mounting axis, further enhancing the already dynamic range of motion of the FISSO arms. These clamps can also be used for any device which needs to be mounted onto a surgical table rail or any device accessory rail.  The highest quality materials are used manufacturing and aredesigned to withstand the most demanding applications.

10-308 Uni-Clamp - Radial Clamp Universal
Innovative dual clamping design provides device mounting, and separate height adjustment and rotation.  The Uni-Clamp will fit onto US, UK, and European rails safely and securely while also accepting mounting shafts whose diameter is 16-20mm.  Once the clamp is mounted onto the rail, then the accessory or arm can be installed.  Once the desired height and point of rotation are determined, then the fixing screw is tightened resulting in a lock that will not lose its position.

10-305 Omni-Clamp – Radial clamp “hook on”

The innovative design of the Omni-Clamp provides the mounting and installation of the clamp anddevice all at the same time.  Simply hook the clamp onto the rail, slide the mounting column into the clamp and set. This locks the clamp to the rail as well as the device to the clamp.

US, UK, and European specific clamps are available.

Complete information is available in the brochure (PDF)

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