Cardiovascular surgery, also referred to as cardiac surgery or heart surgery, describes any surgical procedure that involves the heart or the blood vessels that carry blood to and from the heart. This type of operation is vital for patients suffering from heart problems and the surgeries involved must be executed with the utmost accuracy and precision. Whether a patient is dealing with the after-effects of a heart attack, potential blood clots, irregular heartbeats, opening blocked or narrowed arteries, congenital heart problems, or damaged and diseased heart valves, cardiovascular surgeons are responsible for helping improve their health for the betterment of their life!

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The Best Swiss-Made Products

The team at Novid Surgical is honored to be the exclusive American seller of FISSO Swiss-made products, as these tools are second to none in the surgical industry. FISSO products are widely recognized for their top quality and functionality, as they are used across the globe within many surgical rooms of various surgery types. One of the most popular tools is the FISSO articulated arms, as these individualized holding systems are simple to use, dependable, and customizable!

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Sterilizable Surgical Articulated Arm for Cardiovascular Surgery

Sterilizable surgical tools are extremely important for cardiovascular surgeons, as it helps them avoid cross-contamination and other negative effects. Patient safety is of top priority and having the ability to sterilize your tools keeps them healthy and safe throughout the entire operation. FISSO Sterilizable Articulated Arms from Novid Surgical are made with medical-grade materials as they have the important task of assisting cardiovascular surgeons in performing delicate procedures that require accuracy and precision. Serving as an extension for a surgeon's arm, FISSO Sterilizable Articulated Arms can often complete tasks that would otherwise require additional staff, making this a must-needed tool in any operating room. If your medical practice sees multiple patients in a short period of time, these articulated arms were made to be easily sterilized between uses, making life simple for surgeons and safer for patients.

As if these arms weren't great enough already, they also feature a device interface that can firmly grasp surgical instruments for cardiovascular surgeons during operations. This modular piece can adapt to almost any surgical tool, with an added quick release for the instant swapping of tools!

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Novid Non-Sterilizable Articulated Arms

Similar to their sterilizable counterpart, our non-sterilizable articulated arms are made with the highest quality and provide a functional design. This option is best for cardiovascular surgery practices that do not require the harsh demands of steam sterilization, as they can instead be disinfected quickly and easily without sacrificing functional performance.

To further expand on their use case, the Novid Non-Sterilizable Articulated Arms are designed to allow for a high degree of freedom and range of motion, which is especially vital for cardiovascular surgeons that need to make intricate movements.
Available in several different sizes and configurations, these articulated arms are ideal for use in:

  • Cardiovascular research and development
  • Educational purposes
  • Emergency medical services
  • Surgeons who focus on one patient at a time
  • And more
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a FISSO Patient Arm Board



Traditional arm boards have a highly limited range of motion which makes them difficult to work with inside cardiovascular surgery rooms. FISSO Patient Arm Boards on the other hand provide surgeons with vast versatility and stability — two things every cardiac surgery requires. To further compare traditional arm boards to our high-quality option, traditional options often required as many as five additional accessories to function well. FISSO Patient Arm Boards feature a one-step setup design that provides a dynamic range of motion that is impossible with other versions. Not to mention, its central locking mechanism supports and positions patient arms with ease, speed, and stability.

Cardiovascular surgeons will love their compact design, as these arm positioners free up essential space around the operating table!

Why Partner With Us?

As the only approved distributor of FISSO Swiss-made products, Novid Surgical is proud to offer Cardiovascular surgeons across the country the articulating arms and arm positioners they need to succeed. Contact us today for more information!