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At Novid Surgical, we understand that choosing the right medical equipment is crucial for healthcare professionals. To assist you in making informed decisions, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our products and services. Here, you will find detailed information about our FISSO articulated arms, their applications, and our commitment to quality and innovation. Whether you are a long-standing client or exploring our products for the first time, this page aims to provide clear, helpful answers to your FAQ.
For any further information or specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

General FAQs

The FISSO arm not only holds the title of being the market leader in articulating
arms, but it is also the original design and patent holder. For more than 50 years,
the FISSO articulated arm has been recognized as original and unmatched in
terms of quality, functional design, and reliability. Since 1972, FISSO’s
unwavering commitment to upholding Swiss quality standards, coupled with our
strong dedication to customer satisfaction, has allowed us to surge ahead of the

With our extensive experience in developing and manufacturing articulated arms,
we have been able to create a diverse and superior range of products. This
comprehensive portfolio distinguishes us from others, as we offer high-quality
solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

Articulated Arm FAQs

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