OEM Customization

Unleash the Power of Your Vision with Novid Surgical's Modular OEM Configuration and Customization

At Novid Surgical, we recognize that every surgeon and surgical team has unique needs. That's why we offer the unmatched flexibility of modular OEM customization for our renowned FISSO articulated arm systems. Whether you're designing the next generation of robot-assisted surgery equipment or crafting the perfect tool for your specialized minimally invasive procedure, Novid Surgical empowers you to bring your vision to life.


FISSO Articulated Arms

Sterile FISSO Arms

For environments demanding meticulous control and hygiene, our medical-grade sterile arms seamlessly integrate into high-volume surgical settings and Their modular design and adaptability allow you to:

Configure the perfect setup:
Choose from a diverse range of
arm lengths, columns and custom adapters to tailor thearm to your specific needs.

Optimize workflow and efficiency:
Quick-release systems and easy device attachments minimize downtime and maximize surgical focus.

Non-Sterile FISSO Arms

Where steam sterilization isn't essential, our non-sterile arms offer the same exceptional design and functionality with the added benefits of:

Rapid disinfection:
Ensure performance without sacrificing hygiene.

Simplified logistics:
Eliminate the need for complex sterilization cycles and associated equipment.

Seamless Integartion:
Building the Perfect Ecosystem with Arms and Ancillary Components:

Novid Surgical goes beyond just arms.
We offer a comprehensive suite of ancillary components
to complete your ideal configuration:

Mounting Solutions

Integrate your FISSO arm seamlessly into your existing equipment or operating room environment.

Adapters & Quick Release Systems

Access and swap instruments with ease, maintaining focus and efficiency throughout procedures.

Tailored to Your Specific Need: 

Unwavering commitment to customization boosts functionality and workflow.

Why Choose Novid Surgical?

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why Novid Surgical provides expert customization services, working closely with you to transform your vision into reality. Our experienced engineers collaborate with you to:

Develop bespoke arm configurations.

Integrate your FISSO arm seamlessly into your existing systems.

Craft unique solutions for your specific surgical needs.

With Novid Surgical, you're not just choosing an arm, you're choosing a partner in innovation. We empower you to push the boundaries of surgical precision and create the ideal tools for your unique vision.

Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of modular OEM customization with Novid Surgical and FISSO articulated arms.