Sterilizable Articulated Arms

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What Are Sterilizable Articulated Arms?

Articulated medical-grade arms are an indispensable tool in modern medical care. These devices hold surgical equipment, so doctors have optimal access while performing surgical procedures. This provides the medical staff with a flexible extension of hands, allowing for greater reach and access to medical equipment, while keeping the patient safe from discomfort or harm.

An important feature of medical-grade articulated arms is that they are sterilizable, meaning that all surfaces can be effectively sterilized between uses on different patients. This is an absolute requirement if they are going to be used frequently on multiple patients throughout the course of a day. These models can typically be reused due to their malleable shape and designs that don’t interfere with medical procedures.

See Our Sterilizable Arm in Action

Our sterilizable articulated arms are used on various procedure types. Our modular OEM configuration options allow for a wide range of capabilities.  Watch how our sterilizable articulated arm helps assist one of our clients with their spinal surgical procedure:

How Do Sterilizable Articulated Arms Work?

Composed of several instrumental parts, medical-grade articulated arms are devices that help medical professionals perform delicate procedures requiring precision and stabilization. They are meant to serve as an extension of arms with a variety of applications that can replace the need for additional staff. To understand how these tools function, here is a breakdown of each individual component.

Starting at the bottom of the device is the rails clamp. This is a crucial link between the arm assembly system and the surgical table. The clamp provides absolute stability for the articulated arm which is essential for optimal performance. In addition to this, the rails clamp accommodates the versatile movement of the sterilizable articulated arm depending on procedure requirements. For example, you can adjust for column height and radial action. These rails clamps are designed to be universal, allowing for you to mount the arm on any standard table accessory rail.

The next piece above the rails clamp is the mounting column, which links the arm assembly to the clamp. These columns are offered in a variety of lengths and shapes, giving you adjustable mounting heights depending on the physical characteristics of a patient and how they are positioned.

The arm assembly is attached to the top of the mounting columns. FISSO is the one and true original patented design of this arm concept. The most comprehensive offering of arm assemblies on the market, FISSO has gone through 60 years of continuous research and development to produce quality arms featuring superior craftsmanship in numerous weight classes and lengths.

At the top of the FISSO arm assembly is the central locking mechanism which gives stability to the device interface at the very end of the medical grade articulated arm. This superior locking system simplifies and secures operations with its central quick fixation and easy positioning.

The last component of the sterilizable articulated arm is the device interface which holds surgical instruments for your team during a procedure. This piece has been developed to precisely adapt to an array of surgical instruments, making it handy for just about anything you need. The quick release system of the adapter allows for the instantaneous swapping of various adapters, so you can swiftly shift according to the tools necessary.

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Benefits of Sterilizable Articulated Arms

From keeping procedures tidy and functional to adapting to the patient at hand, sterilizable articulated arms have a bounty of benefits, including:

  • Simplifies operations thanks to the central locking mechanism
  • Exact positioning 
  • Extremely flexible
  • Maximum safety for the patient
  • Makes the job of the surgeon and the assistant easier
  • Neatens and tidies up the operating area
  • Maintenance-free and steam sterilizable
  • Modular product solutions         
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Applications of Medical Grade Articulated Arms

Sterilizable articulated arms have the versatility to be a tool in a variety of situations. Here are all the applications in which articulated arms are necessary:














Ear, nose, and throat treatments

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Sterilizable Articulated Arms Sizing Options

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