We are excited to announce our role as a Fireball Platinum Sponsor for the ‘Holiday Heat’ fundraiser.

Embrace the spirit of giving with Novid Surgical at this year’s Holiday Hear charity event, organized by Westview Properties LLC. As winter casts its chill over Watertown/Oakville, our mission to help provide warmth, support, and essential resources becomes more critical than ever. We are wholeheartedly committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of our neighbors. Our collaboration with other local businesses strengthens this mission, allowing us to stand as a united pillar of support. Together, we hope to cover every corner of our community, ensuring that the warmth of our efforts reaches everyone in need. 

Learn more about how you can contribute, participate, or benefit from this initiative https://www.primepublishers.com/towntimesnews/business/local_business/holiday-heat-event/article_d1a26b30-764e-11ed-b250-47fbe3e05942.html 

Committed to enhancing patient care through advanced surgical solutions, Novid Surgical seeks to go beyond the boundaries of healthcare by participating in community-driven initiatives. Our team is proud to contribute to this event, reflecting our dedication not just within the realm of medical excellence, but also in supporting the fabric of our society.

Discover more about how Novid Surgical is driving change and supporting important causes.

Novid Surgical’s commitment to community well-being extends beyond today’s event. We take pride in our ongoing involvement with various charitable initiatives, each unique in its mission but united by our common goal of making a lasting, positive impact.

Jane Doe No More: Novid Surgical is proud to stand with “Jane Doe No More” in their mission to empower survivors of sexual crimes to find their voice, advance their healing and educate others.Read more about our involvement with this organization Read more about our involvement with this organization.