Oncology, the study of cancer, is one of the most important areas of medicine that works to prevent and treat cancer. Cancer can be a devastating diagnosis to patients and can completely impact their lives. However, through the advancing research of medicine and technology, oncologists can have the tools they need to help their patients source the cancer to get the treatments they need to recover.

Infographic - The Benefits of Articulated Arms in Oncology


At Novid Surgical, we provide high-quality surgical solutions that can transform the way you operate. We are dedicated to creating safe surgical systems that not only help the surgeon perform but help the patient. Our surgery holding systems have been designed through our team of professionals who work closely with surgeons to ensure that we are creating the best possible surgical systems for both the surgeon and the patient. Learn more about our high-quality surgical tools for oncology and contact us today to see how we can transform the way you operate!

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Patient Arm


Patient safety is the number one priority when it comes to surgery. With the continuous advancement of medical technology, it is essential to provide your patients and staff with the high-quality surgical tools they need to make the surgical process as easy and safe as possible. Our patient arm positioners are designed to provide mobility to the patient while they are under for their surgery. Our device is easy to install, set up, and easy to disinfect so that it can be used for multiple patients throughout the day. We understand the importance of convenience and we provide surgical tools that can cut out some of the extra work you have to do before and after a surgical operation while ensuring that things are still safe and comfortable.

Sterilizable Surgical Articulated Arms

for Oncology

Surgery can be a sensitive matter for the patient, especially when dealing with oncology treatments and cancer. When a patient comes in for surgery, they are expecting that everything will go correctly. In order for surgery to go as smoothly as possible, the team in the operating room needs the tools to help them throughout the entire process. Our FISSO Sterilizable Articulated Arm is designed to help the operative team by providing a useful tool that can help provide assistance throughout the surgery. Our medical-grade device can safely secure medical instruments that are needed throughout oncology treatments. This device is also easy to disinfect to add another layer of protection in the operating room. The device is also flexible to allow for optimal space around the room and the patient, while providing access to surgical tools at a moment's notice.

Image showing a sterilizable articulated arm
Image showing a Non-sterilizable articulated arm

Novid Non-Sterilizable

Articulated Arms

During surgical treatments, like oncology, it is important that the operating team has the space they need to move around the patient to provide accurate care. Our Novid Non-Sterilizable Articulated Arms are easy to assemble and reassemble so that you can move it around to fit where is convenient for you. It provides a high range of motion so that you can make it work for your specific needs during a specific surgery. Whether you need it for a single use or want to reuse it, this system is perfect for:


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Oncology research and development

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Educational purposes

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Emergency medical services

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Single-use surgeries followed by disinfection

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And more

FISSO Swiss-Made Products

At Novid Surgical, we are partnered with the official FISSO Swiss-Made Products to provide high-quality and medical-grade surgical tools. We believe in providing only the highest quality and functionality to provide surgeons with the tools they need to have a successful operation. The tools designed with Novid Surgical and FISSO can provide oncology surgeons with an immense amount of benefits, transforming the way they operate.


High-quality Tools

When dealing with oncology, it is essential that oncologists have the high-quality tools they need to help their patients find the cancer and recover. At Novid Surgical, you can uncover tools that can transform the way you work. Contact us today to learn more about how our tools can help you with oncology.