As a field of surgery that includes the whole of the musculoskeletal system, orthopedic surgeons have a vital role to play in people’s healthcare. Whether it’s damage done to bones, muscles, joints, tendons, or nerves from athletic injuries, automobile accidents, or simply degeneration that happens as we age, each complex procedure demands a high degree of accuracy and precision. Part of the mission of Novid Surgical is to provide orthopedic surgeons with the operating tools that are required to perform these tasks with a greater degree of ease. These tools include the utilization of articulated arms and associated products.

Infographic - The Benefits of Articulated Arms in Orthopedics

World-Renown FISSO Swiss-Made Products

Novid Surgical is the exclusive American distributor of FISSO Swiss-made products, which we are incredibly proud of. FISSO articulated arms are used across the globe as a quality product for use in many fields, including orthopedic surgery. Each of these individualized holding systems is simple to use, dependable, and provides several options for customization in their configuration in the operating room.

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Sterilizable Surgical Articulated Arms

Orthopedic Surgery

In orthopedics, the ability for a surgical tool or other implements to be able to be sterilized is very important. The FISSO Sterilizable Articulated Arm from Novid Surgical was specially designed for such high-risk environments. Crafted from medical-grade materials, these articulated arms help orthopedic surgeons perform highly delicate procedures that demand precision and stability, and serve as extensions of the surgeon's arms in a variety of applications — often taking the place of what would otherwise require additional staff around the operating table. In practices that see multiple patients in a short amount of time, these articulated arms were designed to be able to be easily sterilized between uses. 

These sterilizable arms also feature a device interface that is able to firmly hold surgical instruments for orthopedic surgeons during operations. This modular piece can precisely adapt to almost any surgical instrument and features a convenient quick-release for the near-instantaneous swapping of tools cleanly and quickly.

Novid Surgical Non-Sterilizable

Articulated Arms

Adapted from the same design and manufacturing philosophy of the FISSO products that we offer, Novid Surgical developed a non-sterilizable articulated arm for orthopedic surgeries that do not require the exacting and harsh demands for operations that necessitate steam sterilization. Instead, these non-sterilizable articulated arms are easily disinfected, without sacrificing functionality or performance.

The Novid Surgical non-sterilizable articulated arms have been designed and manufactured from the start to allow for the same high degree of freedom of range of motion for orthopedic surgeons that FISSO is famous for, and can be quickly disassembled or reassembled without the need for any additional tools. Available in several sizes and configurations, these articulated arms are perfect for use in:

  • Orthopedic surgery research and development
  • Educational purposes
  • Emergency medical services
  • Practices that do not see more than one patient in a day
  • And more
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Patient Arm


Unlike traditional arm boards, FISSO Patient Arm Positioners provided unmatched versatility in the medical field. The level of stability provided by these arm positioners is very valuable, especially in areas of surgical practice that demand repeated accuracy and precision, like orthopedics. While traditional arm boards may require as many as five additional accessories to function correctly, FISSO Patient Arm Positioners feature a simple one-step setup process and deliver a huge, dynamic range of motion that is impossible with other designs. A central locking mechanism both supports and positions the patient’s arms, and does so easily, quickly, and safely. 

Orthopedic surgeons will appreciate how the compact design of these arm positioners frees up additional space around the surgery area, and patients will appreciate the comfort of the viscoelastic padding.

Why Choose Novid Surgical?

We’re proud to serve orthopedic surgeons as the only approved distributor of FISSO articulating arms and arm positioners in the country. These innovative products are dependable, user-friendly, and supported by the reputation of the world-famous FISSO arm assembly. If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!